SHARING Increase the opportunities for real meetings , create a space in which people , experience and knowledge can hybridize with each other. REPORTS COSMOPOLITE From the relations of mutual recognition comes the strength of the group , team spirit , stress resistance , open and cosmopolitan attitude that characterizes us. LIABILITY Cultivating a sense of honor for a job well done , try moral responsibility towards their own and others' commitment . Working with passion, dedication and craftsmanship . RESPECT It means recognizing the other in his integrity , uniqueness and the right to have and to expose ideas and feelings. BALANCE 2 strokes have to live on the farm: one mobile, vibrant , forward- attentive to the competitive environment and the other less impatient able to leave behind , thoughts and works are expected to continue . SPIRIT OF INITIATIVE The coexistence of intuition and spirit of enterprise . Feeling motivated, versatile and with a spirit of initiative to better address the daily challenges , optimizing time to time favorable opportunities and opportunities . COURTESY It ' a powerful fluidising relations , a fundamental prerequisite for living and working together . Create a special predisposition towards collaboration and human relations . SPIRIT CONSTRUCTION The error must be addressed and not rejected, considered also as an opportunity to learn and improve , a real laboratory to achieve excellence . INVOLVEMENT Put care into what you do , consider the work as an expression of self, an important opportunity to express themselves. UNIT Shaking and share the same values ​​and ideals, join forces together to achieve the same ambitious goals. EXCELLENCE Excel is a good wanting to do better , it requires courage, commitment and ambition. The pursuit of excellence as a constant and incessant common process. BEAUTY The beauty for Davines born from consistency between deep values ​​and small gestures, between principles and daily behavior. And ' the result of the ability to transform into lifestyle interior style that we use to present ourselves on the outside. The beauty of our products should be reflected in the beauty of the people who create them and in their internal relations .

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