The Card is not a code , instead , contains no laws, but rules or norms to be followed and does not pretend to solve the complexity of the ethical issues it raises. The Charter is the result of the belief that the individual ethical commitment involves parallel structural adjustments in the company. What you can and should improve the quality of life from the smallest of things , from behaviors and personal attitudes , speaking on the "sense" that everyone gives to their work. Ethical reflection promotes the commitment of all to build a dimension of wellness within the company, so that the work becomes a place where you can express yourself and your skills and weave in which positive relationships with others As has been created The process of elaboration of the Ethics Charter was proposed to explore the ethical heritage of Davines , to bring to light the values ​​that permeate those present and reinforce those to accept and defend as a valuable asset for the company . The Charter takes shape thanks to the participation of about 90 employees of the company , called to reflect and give their input on aspects that drive value- Davines . From this joint work emerged 13 ethical values ​​that represent the backbone of the company . What we expect to happen thanks to the Ethics Davines Active participation in the construction of Ethics is primarily a commitment to all those who work in Davines to be guided in its work. This commitment must be visible and audible and we hope to know and associate infect our customers. It is therefore our intention to ensure that our products, as well as the quality of raw materials , design and image, you can hear the echo of the thickness values ​​of the company expressed by the people who work in it The 13 VALUES EXPRESSED IN THE ETHICAL CHARTER OF DAVINES COMMUNICATION Communicating effectively involves knowing how to get out of themselves and become more willing to accept others and his point of view .

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