Manifesto of Ethics for a new civilization of labor In a period of structural crisis and strong international competition, in which Italy and Europe are facing a massive competition , the whole production system must respond by revising its concept of quality. The work ethic , which is considered as a strategic intangible asset , representing the turning point. Italy is recognized worldwide as the expression of a civilization of living . The place where it occurred , despite a thousand contradictions , the great civilizations flourished on the shores of the Mediterranean. This character , peculiarly our own, must be recognized and must again distinguish the economy of our country. To equip our production systems to new competitiveness . The "Manifesto of Ethics for a Business Covenant founded on a new civilization of work" is the attempt to revive the economy on a new basis and Italian production systems . Is a project developed by the Eudaimonica Life grows within the Health Piemontese but intends to involve all sectors of production .

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