DAVINES S.p.A. since 1983, designs , formulates , manufactures, markets products and systems with haircare brand davines and cosmetics since 1997 with the brand [comfort zone] for the treatment , care , wellness , beauty, hair , face, body, the field of professional hair salons and spas and beauty, for technical use and for resale to end customers , along with training and technical advisory services in Italy and advanced in the world. The company operates internationally , distributing in over 60 countries . Since March 2004 is directly present in the U.S. market , where in New York opened its first foreign branch. Since March 2006, the French branch active ; June 2006 will set up a new warehouse in the United States ; from September 2006, the company will manage directly the UK market, with reference to the division haircare . The Ethical Davines The idea of ​​creating the Ethics Davines was born from the meeting of two wills , one more related to the sphere of the people , the other more business . But reflecting on the fact that the company is made by people here that the two will apparently different may become irreconcilable . Davines believes that improving the quality of life within companies is one of the key levers to promote the increase of the competitive capacity of enterprises and then generate a virtuous growth capacity in the international competition . Aware of ennobling function of labor and the impact of working life on the personal well-being , we believe it is essential to combine the projects of the company with those of the people who are part of it and thus contribute to the attainment of both. What is Ethics Davines The Ethical Davines is a working tool for people who work with Davines , aimed at increasing the quality of work of each one and the same time the well-being of working life . The paper proposes and discusses examples of good behavior , avenues of action , guidelines for orientation and act on which to set the daily work .

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